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Welcome to Vorupør!

Our terrace is sheltered from the harsh west wind, and inside the café there is always a small corner where you can sit and enjoy the perfect raw-west coast coziness!
We have amazing coffee, delicious smoothies, freshly baked bread and cakes, and healthy vegetarian lunch dishes.
We also prepare real classic cocktails, have a wide selection of beers and specially picked bottles of wine!

Sweet animals and children are welcome to come inside!

We are open everyday from 10am - 5pm until the 8th of January. The 31st we're open from 10am -5 pm and from 10pm - 2am!!!


all day

Croissant & pain au chocolat

Breakbaked sea buckthorn buns
With butter, cheese & Chia rosehip marmalade

With Breakbaked crunchy granola and fruit

Smoothie Bowl
Forest berry smoothie with Breakbaked crunchy granola and fruit

Breakbaked cakes

Freshly baked at Break

Banana cake

Skyr cheesecake
A lighter cheesecake with blueberries

Choco peanut butter cookies

Gooseberry muffins
Vegan & glutenfree


all day

Ch-una Bread
Breakbaked bun with fresh salad from Thy, and a surprising spread that resembles tuna salad, but is entirely vegan (so you don’t get tuna breath – great date food)

Avocado on Breakbaked ryebread
Vegan, on basil mayonnaise, with cherry tomatoes, pickled red onions and salad from Thy

Summer bowl with fruit & greens from ThyKassen
Balsamic marinated chickpeas with strawberries, tzatziki, lemon sautéed kale and full corn bulgur
(Thy Kassen is a local fresh fruit & vegetable delivery service from neighbouring farms)

Please ask the staff regarding allergies


Double shot of 100% medium/dark roasted arabica coffee beans, from the Shangri La farm in Tanzania - Rain Forest Alliance certified.
The coffee is washed, which gives it a truly pure taste and natural sweetness, with notes of roasted nuts and dark chocolate

Americano, espresso (double)

Cortado (double)

Cappuccino, flat white (double)
milk or oat

Latte (double)
milk or oat

Mocha Blömboom (double)
Blömboom, which means "Monkeylicious" is 45% cacao, from organic cacaobeans in south America. Blömboom and Break support Chimfunshi, one of the biggest free areas for chimpanses in northeren Zambia. Chimfunshi saves animals in need and provides them with a safe environment

Iced coffee (double) + Sirup: caramel/vanilla

Warm Drinks

China Lung Ching – probably the most famous green tea in the world. The teas rounded and lightly sweet taste of chestnut, is a very delicate taste experience.
Jasmin Green - This green tea is perfumed with the finest jasmine flowers that give the tea the most delicious floral sweetness and lovely round taste
China Mao Feng - A white tea, amazingly fruity with notes of peach and apricot.
Darjeeling – A black tea with an aromatic and full-bodied taste, a slight natural sweetness and a touch of honey.
Gunpowder – a full-bodied tea that is rigorous and almost sweetish with a long and lovely aftertaste.
Green Sencha tea with ginger and lemon
Rooibos with lemon and hibiscus
Chamomile with rosehips and lemongrass
Chai liquorice

Matcha Tea (cold or warm)
A Japanese green tea where the plant is grown in the shade, which inhibits growth and thus increases the production of caffeine and tein as well as a higher chlorophyll and antioxidant content. Matcha tea leaves is steamed, dried, and then stone ground to a fine powder. So, when you drink Matcha, unlike regular brewed tea, you drink the whole tea leaf and consume all its amazing nutrients.

Matha latte

Chai latte
Break-brewed Chai, with Darjeeling black tea, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cardamom.

Hot chocolate
with cacao from Blömboom

Cold Drinks

Thy Økobær juice from local guys 25cl
Choice of: red currants, green gooseberries, black currants, white currants, white currants and aronia, or white currants and sea buckthorn

Tomato or unfiltered apple 20cl
Fresh watermelon juice! 25cl

Break-brewed lemonades 25cl
Elderflower and ginger

Smoothies 25cl
Strawberries (strawberry, banana, dates and break-brewed almond milk)
Blueberries (blueberries, banana, dates and break-brewed almond milk)
Green (spinach, pineapple, ginger, banana, dates and break-brewed almond milk)
Choco (with cocoa, peanut butter, banana, dates and break-brewed almond milk)

+ plantebased protein pulver / wheatgrass powder / spirulina / matcha

Tamarindo soda 33cl


Thisted Brewery bottle 50cl
Thy wheat
Limfjords Ale 6%
Limfjords IPA 6,5%
Alkoholfri IPA 0%
Rye 6,0%
Spelt 5,5%
Oat stout 6,2%

Thisted Brewery bottle 33cl
Hops 5,8%
Alive IPA 5,8%

Gamma Beer 50cl
CAHOOTS - Pale ale 5,8%
ZIG ZAG - Session IPA 4,5%
GRAZE - Spelt IPA 6%
GAMMA KØLSCH - Kölsch 4,5%¨
PERICARP - Sour 4,5%

Groove Hard Kombucha 6% 33cl
Danish, with only natural ingredients and gluten-free
Groove is Kombucha, which is a vibrant probiotic culture that has been fermented a second time to increase the alcohol content, so you get a fresh little buzz, and thus a lighter alternative to other alcoholic beverages.
Choice of: Lemon and Ginger, Hibiscus and Berries, or Pineapple and Mango

House Wine

Glas 14cl / Half carafe 37cl / Whole carafe 75cl

Red (Monestrell & Carbernet Sauvignon grapes)
White (Macabeo & Viognier grapes)
Rosé (Bobal grapes)

Cava Glass 14cl

Fancy Wine

2019 Les Claux, Cotes Du Rhone, Raymond Usseglio, Ch. Neuf du Pape, France 490.-
2019 Cascina d'Or, Monferrato Rosso, Icardi, Piemonte, Italy 295.-

2021 Grüner Veltliner, Ingrid Groiss, Weinviertel, Austria 375.-
2020 Riesling Feinherb, Forster, Nahe, Germany 325.-

2021 Chiaretto Rosato, Monteci, Veneto, Italy 295.-

2020 Vintage Prosecco Spumante, Dissegna, Veneto, Italy 325.-

Cocktails @ 75.-

Mojito 6cl
Mint, lime & rum Magarita 6cl
Lemon & a GOOD tequila

Caipiriñha 6cl
Lime & cachaca

Manhattan 6cl
Rye whiskey, vermouth & bitters

Daiquiri 4cl
Classic, strawberry or banana & rum

Pisco Sour 6cl
Lime, angostura, egg whites & pisco

Piña Colada 4cl
Pineapple juice, coconut & rum

Negroni 6cl
Gin, Vermouth & campari

Dry martini 6cl
Gin or Vodka & lemon – stirred

Tom Collins 6cl
Gin, sugar & lemon

Espresso martini 6cl
Espresso, vodka & kahlua

Sazerac 6cl
Rye whiskey, cognac, sugar & bitters

Old fashioned 6cl
sugar, bitters, rye whiskey & cherry

Mint julep 6cl
Mint & bourbon

Bloody Mary 4cl
Tomato juice, lemon, Worcestershire, Tabasco, celery salt & vodka

Breaks fancy choices

Henry Bardouin

La Fée Bohemian
La Fée Superieure
La Fée Blanche

Green Meadow

1800 reposado

La Escondida

Monkey 47
Four Pillars
Gin Gold
…yes, somebody likes gin…

Talisker Dark Storm Scotch Whisky
Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey

Renault XO

Sailor Jerry Spiced
The Kraken Black Spiced
Pampero Seleccion
Dictator Best of 1981 (aged 34 years)

If you desire meat or fish,
please visit all the other amazing
restaurants in our beautiful little town!

vesterhavsgade 122 vorupør

+45 28 22 87 26





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